Manu Jain

Global Vice President - XIAOMI & MI

Manu Kumar Jain.

DMA :1984 – 1998

IIT Delhi : 1999 – 2003

IIM Kolkatta: 200 5 – 2007

Global VP. Global and Managing Director Xiaomi India, India’s No. 1 smartphone & SMART TV brand.

Hey guys this is Manu here…

I am a Global Vice President of Xiaomi and Head Xiaomi Business here in India. For those of you don’t know Xiaomi is one of the most innovative startups in the world. We started just about seven years ago but now we are one of the most valued startup at about 46 bilion dollar. With also one of the top five smart phone brands in the world and no. 1 in India.

So let me start by telling you a little bit about how my journey started. Infact my entire childhood I studied at DMA – Daywati Modi Academy all 14 years from Nur till Class XII. Infact when I was in DMA I was not a great student I was a pretty mediocre student I was not a topper, I was not the head boy, I was not a captain, House Captain or Prefect. And I didn’t know what to do in the life till the time I was in class XII. It just so happened at accidentally I got into a govt college and I got a computer science seat over there and only when I joined the college I realize there are much better colleges like IITs which are there. Even though I came from a lower middle class family and I paid the fees, which was very high for the govt. colleges. I decided to drop off and studied very hard to get into IITs. With all the supports from almighty I actually got into IIT. Then worked for few years when to IIM, which is an MBA School. And then joined McKinsey, which is a world’s leading consulting firm. After working in McKinsey for five years across India, South Asia & Africa I decided to leave the firm and started an e-commerce company to sell Shoes & clothes and the name of this company is Jabong and I was in Jabong for few years and I left Jabong to start Xomi Business here in India. Now this looks like a very good story that I was started multiple companies having running them successfully.

But during this last many years a lot of things gone on and one thing which is really helped me and my entire team is the sense of perseverance when things gone wrong how do you improve and go head and come out of it and this perseverance learnt during my initial school days at DMA.

I can confidently tell all of you guides DMA is one of the best school that I have been I have seen in my life so you guys are in very good hands. Enjoy your time at DMA and learn as much as you can. And when you think of moving out and doing something else in life my advice would be always think part, what your passion is, what you really want do in your life and if you follow a career in that particular field your chances of success would be significantly higher. Don’t go for only engineering or medical or any other field just because your peers or other students are doing this or because of your family is pitting pressure to do that, so, do what your passion is about and follow it to the maximum.

That would be my advice for your guides all the best, you are in a great school, great hands have a lot of fun and if you want to talk to me more you can reach to me on social media and I’m pretty active on both facebook & twitter my twitter id is manukumarjain and tweet to me and I’ll try to reply as much as I can.


Thank you guys…

Manu Kumar Jain